The Animalls


They were hiding on Earth 1.0 & 2.0 because Humans were about to extinct this species. They were more than 100,000 a century ago and only 5,000 are left...That's why we've decided to rescue them and create The Reserve in MeeLand.

NFT Tech

How the collection is made?

Drawings are made with Procreate. Then it's a custom pipeline mixing Python & After Effects. Python generates random combination of attributes going into a CSV file while After Effects is for the animation and render GIF based on the CSV.

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Roadmap & Utility

AnimAlls are the first beings in MeeLand. Owning them will give you access to whitelist spots of future collections. We are currently working on 2 other collections:
- The Pond (Static): NFT Collection by a VFX artist in the video game industry
- XXX (Animated): NFT collection. Name to be revealed.


Check how it looks!

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Behind the Collection

We met in Singapore back in 2013 when we worked in the same company.
NirinA as a videographer and Allan as web developper.
Almost 10 years later we decided to work together!



Tech Artist

Love learning new things!
Drawing / After Effects
Python / Smart Contract



Dev Support

Positive mind!
Hosting / Api
Web(3) / AWS